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Letter: Accusation is backed by counseling, alumnae

I have been a union officer at the University at Buffalo for many years, and although I am not writing on its behalf, from those and other experiences, I think I understand the trauma that Professor Christine Blasey Ford has stated she experienced from an attempted rape of her by Brett Kavanaugh.

I believe her as she has nothing to gain from her accusation, while Kavanaugh has everything to gain by denying it. In 2012 she mentioned the episode in an counseling environment, so we know that it was not “invented” by opposition to the current Supreme Court appointment. Further, 599 alumnae from her high school signed a letter that they believe her, having experienced the overall environment at Kavanaugh’s high school (Vox News, September 18, 2018).

Therefore, Brett Kavanaugh should either be asked to decline the nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court or else the Judiciary Committee should vote not to recommend to the Senate this appointment.

Paul Zarembka


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