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Letter: Malone’s failure to act made a bad situation worse

Nobody can understand the rule of law. I mean, the church law followed by the diocesan hierarchy in Buffalo. I am sure that the church administrative laws could be a little different than that of a regular business company or a corporation. But when morality, duplicity, cheating, lying and the sexual abuse of minors are concerned, there should not be a lot of difference.

When the criminal activity of sexual abuse of innocent children is concerned the church’s material administrative branch at the top had an opportunity to enforce without referring to the tenets of the canon law; to nip in the bud, the criminal activity of the priests in their respective parishes of the Buffalo Diocese.

Had Bishop Richard Malone acted immediately, this would not have become the cover story in every newspaper in town and city today. So, the bishop of Buffalo has failed in all counts to take responsibility for his 62 priests, as per the July 25 editorial, “Care for the church’s victims.”

The problem of sexual molestation by the Buffalo priests has now erupted into uncontrollable limits. At this stage of progress, it would be wise to listen to the 600,000 Catholic faithful and act upon it with grace and candor. Now it has come to the point, where the shepherd and the flock are far apart to hear one another’s voice.

Henry Crasta


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