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Letter: Supreme Court is under extreme political pressure

The Washington Post’s year-old slogan has proven correct. “Democracy dies in darkness.” Specifically, it will die the day Judge Brett Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.

I commend those who saw this slip into authoritarianism when Donald Trump first came into office. They were holocaust survivors themselves or their family members and close friends were. I was more optimistic. I am no longer. We are doomed.

A president under investigation should not be able to place on the Supreme Court someone who will declare that investigation unconstitutional. Given Bush versus Gore and Citizens United, I have little doubt the Supreme Court has become as political a body as the presidency and the Legislature. If the president is of the same political party as the majority of the Legislature, the Legislature will fail to check him. Soon the Supreme Court will do the same.

As I watch democracy die, I am thinking about my regrets. I regret some of the op-eds I submitted which were published. I wrote about instances I thought the First Amendment trumped political correctness.

America, please stay as politically correct as you can. Remember there are no “good Nazis.” Side with Colin Kaepernick. Condemn Roseanne Barr’s comments. It’s OK to throw Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of restaurants.

I worry for my friends. I have friends who’ve married someone of the same sex. Some have had abortions. My heart goes out to those with pre-existing conditions who may no longer be covered by health insurance.

Fortunately, I’ve written some op-eds I don’t take back. The Democratic Party should continue to run as many women, minority, and gay candidates as it can. Let that be an antidote to discrimination. Also, my headstrong and fierce feminist friends, keep trying to change the world. One day Air Force One will be pussy-hat pink and the White House will be rainbow.

Just not as quickly as we thought.

Helaine Sanders, LMSW, JD

East Amherst

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