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Letter: Only adoption demand should be loving parents

I was perplexed by the recent letter supporting Catholic Charities’ decision to stop the adoption program.

The author is correct. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus. Further, the Bible is a Catholic book.

There are clauses in the Bible that one may interpret as condemning same sex-couples, but there are also parts that refer to illicit sex acts between men and women. Society does not use the latter to judge and label heterosexual relationships.

New York State is right in enforcing gay couples the opportunity to adopt. What is the issue with children being placed in any loving and supportive environment? The sexual status of the parents, straight, gay and/or bi, does not determine the sexual orientation of their children. Gay children are raised every day by heterosexual parents.

I think adoption and Catholic Charities’ adoptions should be about love.

If you disagree with this, simply think: what would Jesus do?

Bill Casil

East Amherst

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