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Letter: Working Families Party wasted support on Nixon

New York’s Primary Day in 2018 is in the books. And what came as a surprise to almost nobody is that Gov. Andrew Cuomo came out on top and will be the Democratic nominee for another term. Quite possibly the only folks that may be surprised by this result is those in the leadership of the Working Families Party’s (WFP).

I suppose that the Working Families Party will claim some sort of moral victory and state that without their efforts, Cuomo would have won by a larger margin. This is foolish thinking to me.

In endorsing the Nixon/Williams team, the Working Families Party went full force at trashing the sitting governor. That is fine if your team wins. But the WFP’s team got crushed and the reality is that elections have consequences.

Whether you like or dislike Cuomo, one thing that seems to be consistent in opinions of him is that he is quite arrogant, egotistical and vindictive. After the mudslinging campaign the Working Families Party ran, I can’t help but wonder how Cuomo will deal with matters of importance to Organized Labor in his next term. It is comforting to know that the AFL-CIO endorsed Cuomo, so maybe there is a hope of salvation for the hard-working men and women of New York.

Cynthia Nixon gets to move on and make her next entertainment show, Cuomo gets to govern for another four years. The real question will be what the Working Families Party will do in the future. Clearly, their current game plan is a disaster.

M. Scott Chismar

Formerly with Teamsters

Local 264 in WNY

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