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Letter: Police often must make split-second decisions

What would you have done: A “man with a gun” call comes in, the cops go out. That’s right the cops – not the councilman, the defense lawyer, the local church deacon or self-appointed community spokesperson.

It’s the cops who in the middle of the night go toward the threat depending on instinct, training, fellow officers and hopefully a guardian angel looking over them. Approaching the scene of the call, their mind and eyes are sorting shadows, people, fellow officers, sounds and the thought that maybe this is a fake call or as we have seen so much lately in the law enforcement world, “will this be my last call?”

That fateful night on Buffalo’s West Side sent a brave officer (along with other brave officers) to a real call, a real danger which was escalated to the max by the perpetrator’s refusal to obey the officer’s commands.

The officer having no choice in that millisecond of time did what he had been trained to do, stop the deadly threat to himself, fellow officers and possibly others. So, as I sit home safe because of the commitment of these fine young officers and others like them, I ask those that were not there, In real time (not hindsight) what would you have done?

Albert Damiani

Grand Island

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