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Letter: Kavanaugh accusation is unfair to a good man

So, the unnamed woman is no longer unnamed. Amazing how all this plays out just before Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. All unsubstantiated from 36 years ago.

Here you have a man of integrity and a true pillar of his community. Yet Democrats run his name through the mud trying to ruin his life and future. Think about it, no proof, absolutely nothing to suggest the incident.

I’m not saying something like this is acceptable, but teenagers in their mid-teens do some really stupid things. But really, how many people out there never did anything that would be construed as shameful behavior? Something like this is indeed the wrong choice but, in all honesty, how many kids 15 to-16 years old would even know how to take his pants off for crying out loud. Most would be in the situation of “What the heck am I doing.” Hormones over brains. Not that uncommon.

Does it happen? Sure, it does. Is it right? Heck, no. But, unfortunately things like this happen to kids. But to call someone out 36 years later for something that has no fact or proof, that’s a crime. That person should be prosecuted. Think of his wife, family and kids. That by itself is nothing short of disgusting behavior by adults, not 17-year-old no-nothing kids. I’d throw the book at her unless she can back up her claims of assault.

Mark Neupert


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