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Letter: GOP should focus on choice in the 27th, not party line

I am really getting tired of listening to the whining and hand wringing coming from Erie County Republican party leadership and, the blabbermouths on local talk radio concerning the upcoming congressional election in the 27th district.

The Republicans made their own bed by sticking with a very flawed and tainted incumbent, knowing well in advance of their candidate’s legal jeopardy. It seems that rather than giving voters a legitimate choice, they want to make this election in the 27th all about just keeping the district in the Republican column.

As a resident of the 27th district I really don’t care what party label the candidate wears as long as they represent my better interests. I long for the days when guys like Hank Nowak and the late Thad Dulski actually represented those they served and “brought home the bacon” to their district. Only Congressman Brian Higgins currently falls into this category.

The Republicans are standing behind the indicted Chris Collins over anybody, just because they think he represents their best chance of keeping the seat Republican. How pathetic is that?

If they are that afraid a change in representation in the 27th will result in the impeachment of President Donald Trump then I have news for them. If Democrats win control of the House it’s going to happen regardless who wins in the 27th district.

Daniel Glowacki


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