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[BN] Blitz newsletter: What we learned from LeSean McCoy's ex's press conference

LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend and her lawyer held a press conference Friday in Georgia to call for answers about the July home invasion in a house McCoy owns that left his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, the victim of a bloody assault. The Milton (Ga.) Police Department also released a statement Friday.

Here's what we learned:

• Cordon and her attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, reiterated that they believe McCoy was behind the attack and alleged that McCoy has a "pattern of this type of behavior" against women. Graham claimed that other women have contacted her client since the story first broke to share similar stories involving McCoy. (McCoy denies involvement in the incident.)

• Cordon doubled her reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction, raising it $40,000. She and her attorney also appear to have hired a private investigator named Robin Martinelli.

• Graham said the NFL has not contacted Cordon about the incident.

• Milton Police said they have "encountered numerous obstacles by all involved" in the case. They added that McCoy "has not been cooperative in the investigation, despite requests by Milton Police detectives to Mr. McCoy's attorneys."

• Milton Police said their investigation has been focused on a white Chevy Impala or Malibu.

• Asked directly if McCoy had been abusive toward Cordon during their relationship, Graham wouldn't say: “Whatever evidence I have I can’t reveal at this time,” she said.

Meanwhile, McCoy was listed as questionable for Sunday's game with a rib injury.


Pegulas gauged interest in Bill Cowher: Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher spoke with The News this week and said Terry Pegula asked him if he'd have interest in coaching after Pegula bought the team in 2014. Doug Marrone resigned at the end of that season. "He called just inquiring if I was interested at all in coming back to the job," Cowher said. "I said, 'No, I'm good. But if there's anything I can do to help ...' So we talked. We had some conversations back and forth about the NFL, about people you talk to as you come into it."

Could the Bills trade LeSean McCoy? That question came up in Jay Skurski's weekly Bills mailbag. It seems unlikely, given the uncertainty of his off-field issues, his age and his contract ... but never say never in the NFL. "I’d put the chances of McCoy being on the roster next year at 50-50," Skurski wrote. "Moving on from him after this season would save the team $6.375 million in 2019 salary-cap space, leaving $2.625 million in dead money. At some point soon, the team is going to want to get younger, and cheaper, at the position." This is a longshot, but I wonder if the Steelers would have interest if they're contending and there's no sign of Le'Veon Bell.

Vikings have been historically great on third down: Well that's not good for the Bills' offense. "The combination of great coverage and strong pass rush produces good third-down defense," Mark Gaughan wrote. "The Vikings, led by All-Pro defensive backs Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes, have both."

View from Vegas: Still nothing in here to convince you not to pick the Vikings -16 ... or in our staff picks, where only one person projected a score where -16 would lose.

X's and O's: Here's a headline for you: "Bills offense bringing knives to gunfight against Vikings." Might want to copy and paste that one a few times this season. Mark Gaughan also takes you to through the Vikings' safety blitz that will be coming for Josh Allen.


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