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LeSean McCoy's ex doubles reward, seeking answers in home invasion

By Pierce W. Huff — Special to The News

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Delicia Cordon, the ex-girlfriend of Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, announced Friday a reward has been doubled to $40,000 to help police find the person or persons who allegedly attacked her during a July 10 home invasion at a house McCoy owns in Milton, Ga.

Cordon and her attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, on Thursday offered a reward of $20,000, but said other well-wishers and friends had added another $20,000 to the reward.

They are asking that anyone with information about the home invasion contact private investigator Robin Martinelli, who owns Martinelli Investigations Inc., in Lawrenceville.

Cordon and her attorney restated their previous claims that they believe McCoy was linked to the home invasion during a news conference in Martinelli’s office.

“The LeSean McCoy that I know behind closed doors is totally different than the LeSean McCoy in front of cameras,” Cordon said. “This attack is about the jewelry that LeSean expressed that he wanted back from me weeks before the attack.”

McCoy has steadfastly denied any participation in the alleged attack on Cordon. McCoy’s attorney, Don Samuel, could not be reached for comment.

Stephanie Maisonet, the mother to McCoy's 6-year old son, filed an affidavit Tuesday in Fulton County court supporting Cordon in her lawsuit against McCoy. The suit claims he should be liable for the home invasion in which Cordon was allegedly beaten and robbed of jewelry that Cordon's attorneys said McCoy had previously asked her to return.

In her lawsuit, Cordon also accuses McCoy of physically abusing his 6-year old son, a claim Maisonet echoed in her affidavit.

Cordon said that other women have contacted her or Maisonet with allegations that McCoy had physically abused them or exhibited aggressive behavior.

“I am grateful for everyone who has contacted me about their experiences, and I hope that by seeing myself and Ms. Maisonet come forward, they too will gain the strength to come forward as well,” Cordon said.

Graham refused to comment on if she thought McCoy allegedly abused Cordon during their relationship.

“Whatever evidence I have I can’t reveal at this time,” Graham said.

Graham said the National Football League should investigate the alleged attack and McCoy.

“There is a pattern of this type of behavior with Mr. McCoy, not just with Ms. Cordon and not just with his child’s mother,” Graham said. “There are other women who have indicated very seriously that this has gone on with them, and we are hoping they can eventually come forward, too.”

Graham said the NFL has not contacted Cordon about the situation. An NFL spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.

Graham said the people involved in the alleged attack of Cordon and her cousin, Elizabeth Donald, were two African-American males. She said the alleged attacker was an African-American male, approximately 5-foot-10 with a slim build. She said the other person allegedly involved in the attack was an African-American male in a white Dodge Charger, which was seen at the residence the night of the attack.

During the alleged attack, Graham said Cordon was hit in the face with a handgun.

“I believe the perpetrator definitely tried to injure my client in the face,” Graham said.

Two Cartier bracelets also were allegedly taken during the attack.

Graham said the alleged attacker indicated to Cordon that he knew McCoy.

Martinelli said no one other than McCoy would have a motive for the alleged attack on Cordon.

Cordon said she lives her life in fear while she waits for the people involved in the alleged attack to be captured by police.

“It is unfair that I have to be afraid to do normal things,” she said. “I am afraid for my children.”

Cordon begged for people to provide information to help the investigation.

“I am going to always be in fear,” she said.

On Thursday afternoon, the Milton Police Department issued a statement on their investigation into the alleged home invasion disputing some aspects of the news conference and noting that neither McCoy nor Cordon were fully cooperating with their investigation.

"From the onset, we have encountered numerous obstacles by all involved, and it has hindered our work not assisted," the statement read. "Detectives have been stonewalled or provided conflicting accounts of what occurred on July 10 at 392 Hickory Pass, the home belonging to Mr. LeSean McCoy."

Read the entire statement below:

Final Cordon 20180921 Press Conference (Text)

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