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Letter: End church celibacy rule and solve many problems

Eliminate the celibacy rule in the Catholic Church.

The problem is caused by and is obvious to anyone who chooses to see the truth that the celibacy rule is the major factor in sex abuse within the Catholic Church. The celibacy rule has gone on for hundreds of years and through so many countries including the United States that some people have taken this foolish rule as perfectly normal for priests and nuns to give up love, marriage, home and children.

We are not talking about pedophilia, in general. We are talking about the Catholic Church and the ridiculously high percentage of abuse by Catholic priests. No one knows for certain what the percentage could possibly be, because more and more information is uncovered every day. We don’t hear about such high cases in the Protestant or Jewish religions. It could only be the celibacy rule in the Catholic Church!

It is a matter of seeing the ever so obvious truth that celibacy in the priesthood is the major contributor of this crime.

The abusing priests are also victims of this unnatural celibacy rule and they pass the frustration on to their victims. The Catholic Church from the Vatican with its celibacy rule is the real criminal organization. It has victimized priests and therefore victimized children in this vicious never-ending cyclical crime.

The crimes will be significantly reduced when the celibacy rule is eliminated and crimes of sexual abuse and the crime of covering-up (concealing evidence) are reported to the police and attorney general.

But there is hope.

Thank God for the so many priests who are respectable, for they are saving the Catholic Church for the faith, hope, charity and the teachings of Christ!

Carl J. Hoepfinger


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