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Letter: Kavanaugh will be in receipt of stolen judicial property

In most jurisdictions in America there is a law that defines the knowing receipt of stolen property as a crime. The law usually defines receiving stolen property as an act of accepting, taking possession of property that one knows was illegally obtained by the conveyor.

Stolen property is defined as a material asset that has been obtained by fraud, subterfuge or some artifice of misrepresentation.

Judge Merrick Garland was nominated by President Barack Obama to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. For one year that seat on the Supreme Court remained vacant because Mitch McConnell stole it from Obama and Garland by denying a hearing on the nomination. The president has the constitutional duty, authority to name a candidate to the Supreme Court. The Senate has the constitutional responsibility to advise and consent regarding the nomination.

McConnell refused to do his constitutional duty by denying Garland a hearing. McConnell denied Obama the right he had to have Garland considered for the seat. Denying Garland, a hearing took something of value from Obama and Garland, illegally. Theft.

Now Brett Kavanaugh is prepared to occupy that seat. He will take possession of stolen property, an illegal act that should not be countenanced. Moral integrity calls for him to refuse the appointment.

Kavanaugh will be in receipt of stolen property as sure as I take possession of a television set I know to have been lifted from Best Buy by a theft.

Admittedly, this argument is a stretch but so was McConnell’s argument in support of the denial of a Garland hearing.

Leonard G. Brown


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