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Letter: Bishop’s motive on adoption shows no mercy to neediest

For nearly 100 years, Catholic Charities has been providing assistance to the most vulnerable and marginalized children and adults in our community. Victims from abuse, neglect, domestic violence, sexual assault among other travesties, have found protection and comfort in Catholic Charities. Those suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, emotional and psychological issues have found supportive services there.

Ironically, some of those receiving services could have been the very victims of clergy pederasty that Bishop Richard J. Malone and his administration now seek to cover up.

In my 10 years as an Erie County Family Court Judge I witnessed daily the tremendous and heart wrenching work that the Catholic Charities workers engaged in. Babies with prenatal alcohol syndrome, failure to thrive babies, crack babies and more recently opioid babies and families ravaged by that menace. At all times the Catholic Charities workers were of the highest professionalism and gave first-rate care to those needy entrusted with their care.

I must admit that disappointment was not the first emotional reaction I had to the announcement that Catholic Charities was ending its foster care and adoptive services program. That decision, however framed, is abandoning the most vulnerable and marginalized infants and children in Erie County. This decision casts out the children who cannot care for themselves, and in most cases, have nothing.

As a Catholic I was infuriated when I read in The Buffalo News Malone’s rationale. “We decided to end the foster care and adoption program because if we couldn’t serve all members of our community through this program, we would serve no one.” Such hypocritical, sanctimonious bigotry wrapped in prayer is outrageous.

If Jesus Christ were to walk into the Buffalo Diocese today, he would cast out Malone and his minions as so many moneychangers in the Temple.

Paul G. Buchanan

Erie County Family Court Judge (Ret.)

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