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Letter: Adopt this common-sense solution to kneeling players

With the new NFL season now underway, I would like to offer a common-sense solution that should once and for all end the debate over whether players should, as a form of protest against the shooting by police of unarmed blacks, along with other racial inequalities, be permitted to kneel during the playing of our national anthem.

To appease those who side with President Donald Trump and feel that kneeling is a sign of disrespect, I feel the NFL should ban this obviously unpatriotic form of player protest.

For those who side with the protesting players, I think the NFL should institute a bone spur exemption that would allow those players who may be experiencing the physical discomfort associated with bone spurs in their feet to take a knee during the playing of the anthem.

By invoking the bone spur exemption, players would be denying themselves the opportunity to show their patriotism and love of country the same way that the bone spur provision in the military draft robbed Donald Trump of the opportunity to show his bravery and love of country by serving in Vietnam.

I believe that my solution would be acceptable to both sides. If a bone spur exemption was good enough for Trump, denying him the opportunity to serve honorably and courageously in the American military, then the same exemption should be made available to the players of the NFL who may wish to forgo the opportunity afforded them to show their bravery, patriotism and love of country by standing during the playing of our national anthem.

This, I believe, is the common-sense solution that this country needs to end the polarizing debate about player protests in the NFL once and for all.

Steve Szpakowski


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