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LeSean McCoy calls allegations of child abuse against him 'ridiculous'

LeSean McCoy spoke out Wednesday against allegations of child abuse made against him by the mother of his son, calling them "ridiculous."

In an affidavit filed Tuesday in Fulton County (Georgia) court, Stephanie Maisonet — the mother of a 6-year-old boy with McCoy — sided with McCoy's ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, in her lawsuit against the Buffalo Bills' running back.

Maisonet claimed that her son would often come home after a visit with McCoy with bruises, which she said she would "consistently receive outlandish excuses" for. Maisonet and McCoy are locked in a custody battle over their son.

"These people obviously have so much to gain by doing this," McCoy said Wednesday. "I'm not going to sit here and spend too much time even talking about it. It's crazy. It's ridiculous. Everything I do is for my little man, my son. If I didn't care, I wouldn't be fighting for custody of my boy."

Cordon was badly beaten in a July 10 home invasion at a house McCoy owns in suburban Atlanta. Her attorneys claim to have evidence that McCoy either set up the attack directly or was involved in setting it up. Maisonet claims in her affidavit that she heard McCoy say "I need to get this (expletive) out of my house," referring to Cordon, and that she only originally agreed to be a character witness for McCoy because he told her that he would "concede in our custody case by allowing me to enroll my son in school in Miami" — something he had been fighting against.

Maisonet claims in her affidavit that Tamarcus Porter, a close friend of McCoy's, had access to her Instagram account, and that he posted a comment denying the allegations made by Cordon, who was said to be "trying to ruin" McCoy. Maisonet claims that she "knew the allegations were true" against McCoy.

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"It's ridiculous," McCoy said. "I love my son. I mean, anybody that knows me or ever sees me around with my boy, they know what type of relationship we have.

"In this world with social media, you can say what you want. Cameras, everybody can take it and run with it. I can't control that. The only thing I can control is being a great dad."

In that sense, McCoy said Wednesday he tries to follow the example of his parents, Ron and Daphne.

"I just know what type of person I am," he said. "Both my parents are still married, and what they've taught me, it's the type of dad I want to be."

McCoy acknowledged that people may have formed opinions about him based on the allegations against him.

"I take great care of him and I love him, so that's what really matters to me," he said of his son. "Not comments or people's opinions, because I can't control that. No matter what evidence I bring or what happens, I can't change the perception of people. That's impossible. The only thing I can control is the love and the care of my little boy, and that's the only thing that matters, honestly."

Bills coach Sean McDermott said McCoy reached out to him Tuesday to inform him of the latest details.

"He's done everything that I've asked him to do and other than that, nothing's really changed in terms of where we were at training camp," McDermott said. "I've been pleased with the way he's handled himself since the start of training camp all the way through. I look forward to having him on the field this week."

McDermott said "no one can predict the future" and that he doesn't "have a crystal ball" when asked if he was concerned that more might come out regarding McCoy.

"Part of leading a football team is managing what could become distractions, and they come from all different areas," he said. "In this case, I feel like our team and LeSean are very focused on the Minnesota Vikings and our practice this afternoon."

McDermott refused to say what type of investigation, if any, the team has done separate from police or the NFL, calling it a "legal matter."

"I appreciate where you're going with that, but I'm not going to get into that," the coach said. "Like I said, nothing has changed as far as we're concerned. We got the information we need at this point."

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McCoy said team owners Terry and Kim Pegula have been "very supportive" and that he doesn't think his pending legal issues are an ongoing distraction for the team.

"I have tons of conversations with the team, ownership, my coaches, my head coach, my teammates. Sundays I wear a 'C' on my jersey for a reason," he said. "Guys, they trust me. They believe in me. I'm honest to them, so absolutely not."

"A lot of players in my situation, they can relate. This platform is a dream for people. We work so hard to keep our names clean and do the right things. Constantly have to prove it and do the right things, because anything can happen."

As for how he is able to focus on his job with so much happening in his personal life, McCoy said, "that comes down to just my faith. I'm a tough individual. … I've been through a lot of things. Us players, we deal with these types of things. We're always a target. So just got to learn how to deal with it, man. I'll be OK."

In on-the-field matters, it remains to be seen if McCoy will be OK to face the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. McCoy was listed as a limited practice participant Wednesday and sported a red, non-contact jersey after suffering cracked rib cartilage in the Week 2 loss to the Chargers. He said he won't likely know until Friday or Saturday about his availability.

"I'm just worried about maybe running full speed without too much pain," he said. "I can kind of deal with getting hit and that type of pain. It'll only be about 20 or 18 times if that happens, but just running constantly with pain. … I don't want to be running out there with too much pain. But I'm going to fight hard. I'm going to train, get treatment, practice hard."

McCoy was hurt when center Ryan Groy landed on top of him with his full body weight — 320 pounds. If he is able to play, he'll likely wear some protective equipment around his ribs.

"If I'm out there, I'm giving 110 percent," he said.

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