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Letter: Malone is right to remain, despite hypocritical pols

Kudos to Bishop Richard Malone for his courageous decision to remain as bishop of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese.

He admitted that he made a mistake and will attempt to correct the problem with intelligence and by working with people from various walks of life and varied experiences.

This is not to say that what happened in the past is not horrific, but only to say the bishop is attempting to “right the ship,”

As for Rep. Brian Higgins and other politicians who have jumped on the bandwagon to seek the bishop’s removal, perhaps they should themselves be removed since they not only will not admit problems in their own realm (city, county, state and national playgrounds), they make feeble or no attempts to clean up the messes they have either created or stand with their heads in the sand and allow these actions to continue.

Not even, for instance, when two of their own in state government were sent to jail would they stand up and demand reform.

No, it’s easier to take the bishop to task, thereby shifting public attention to the Catholic Church. Coincidentally, it’s election time.

Barbara Tucker


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