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Letter: Malone is re-examining structures in his diocese

In reference to the article published on Sept. 1, “95 Catholic Charities workers sign letter opposing decision to end adoption program,” I appreciate the fact that these workers are sincere and dedicated to helping children by finding them good homes. Of course, it is painful to lose one’s job.

It is unfortunate that, apparently, their mission statement from the beginning was not in line with Catholic values, but with the values of the secular state of New York.

The state must understand that the church, which was founded by Jesus, cannot be beaten into submission by worldly forces. For its part, the church must constantly be watchful that it does not err.

When the state of Massachusetts told Catholic Charities that it must allow people in same-sex unions to adopt children, Catholic Charities of Boston cut this portion of its services in order not to run afoul of Catholic Church law.

The protesters rationalize that even heterosexual parents sometimes contradict Catholic doctrine but are allowed to adopt children through the group. Would that we were all sinless!

Catholics still hold to the old-fashioned notion of sin. Perhaps, due to the present turbulence in many Catholic parishes, Bishop Richard Malone is re-examining all the structures in his diocese.

Marriage is between one man and one woman. He is correct. Do you want proof? Check the Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 1605.

It’s in the Bible, too.

Wanda Slawinska

Niagara Falls

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