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Letter: Guy in the plaid shirt at rally unveils reality

During a recent Trump rally, a young man with a gray plaid shirt was removed from the audience where he was standing behind the president, who was at the podium. His removal was striking.

The young man was later interviewed by MNSBC. I found it disgusting, but unfortunately not surprising, when he said that the audience was prepped for the rally. They were told to look enthusiastic, smile, clap and wear a Make America Great Again cap.

When the guy in the plaid shirt failed to do so, he was removed. He was brought by security to a room where proof of his identity was checked and then he was told to leave.

What does this remind you of? To me, President Trump’s people prepare the audience as if it were a game show where the audience is told how to behave.

I hope Trump supporters realize how phony his rallies are. Just as his audience is told how to applaud and support him, he tells all of us “not to believe what we see and read” but to listen to him. I feel as if his presidency is a performance, a reality TV show.

How scary to think that there are folks who believe Trump and even scarier that he is an actor messing up the nation and the world as he stands on his stage.

Marguerite Battaglia


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