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Niagara Falls Police: Stranger 'whipped' foul-mouthed boy with belt

NIAGARA FALLS – City Police said that a man took off his belt and "whipped" a 12-year-old boy repeatedly with it Saturday night after the child not only refused to stop cussing in public, but also redirected his vents at the suspect.

The boy's father, a 19th Street resident, contacted police at 8:15 p.m. to report the incident. He said the boy had been outside his residence riding a bike with friends and using "profane" language when a man in his 20s approached and asked the boy to stop "swearing and cussing" in public. The boy continued using coarse language, directing it at the suspect, police said, at which time the man grabbed at his belt and threatened to use it on him.

When the boy continued to swear, the suspect removed the belt and began chasing him, eventually catching him and "whipping" him multiple times on the back, police reported. The victim then ran home to inform his father, who returned to the area to confront the man.

He said that the man apologized to both him and his son, then drove away. Police said they were able to discern the license plate of the suspect's vehicle by viewing surveillance video from a nearby store and will continue their investigation. The boy was not seriously injured and refused medical treatment.

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