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My View: Where sunflowers are, bliss is in full bloom

By Wendy Schreiner

The joy a sunflower brings to me is like that of no other flower.

Perhaps its bright yellow color brings such cheerfulness to one’s eye. Maybe it’s the enormous size that sunflowers grow to. Whatever the case whenever I see a sunflower I just feel instant “happiness.”

I recently went to a 90th birthday party for my husband’s Aunt Marge. On the table was a large, clear vase filled with several beautiful “sunnys,” as I call them. They were stunning! When my vase of freshly cut red, fuchsia and yellow roses from my garden joined them on the table, there was no comparison. The sunflowers stole the show. They just magically stand out in a crowd.

During the party, my eyes were constantly drawn to the beauty of the sunflowers even as several other lovely flowers joined the celebration. Many beautiful colors and varieties of flowers appeared, but the yellow sunflowers were the brightest and best by far, in my eyes, anyway.

Whenever I am driving and pass some sunflowers on the side of the road I get all excited and wish that I had my camera with me (you’d think I would have learned by now to keep my camera in the car).

Why don’t I just take a picture with my phone? Well, I’m “old school” and my phone isn’t always even with me; it is the kind of phone for which I buy minutes with a card. No sunflower photos for me!

Wendy Schreiner.

There’s very little I really need in life. There’s a lot I really appreciate in life. One thing so appreciated has always been the beauty found in nature’s sunflowers.


A couple of years ago my husband was in the hospital and he was having a very difficult day. He only had a few more days to be there, but enough was enough. I was at work, more than an hour away from the hospital at the time. All I could think to do was send him some flowers – so a basket filled with sunflowers was immediately sent his way. They helped to brighten up his and many others spirits as they were set on the main reception counter for all to see.

Placed perfectly centered in the corner of our kitchen nook is a clear vase filled with fake sunflowers. In my book, silk flowers can’t possibly compare to the real thing; however, these imitation ones do provide daily bliss when I look up from reading the newspaper and see them staring back at me.

I recently visited a friend a few blocks over and right as I pulled into her driveway, I noticed her beaming patch of sunflowers. She told me I could thank the birds for them as she didn’t plant them herself. They looked perfectly placed in her garden, standing tall right on the corner end greeting everyone as they entered her side door.

I think Claude Monet’s impressionistic hand-painted oil “Sunflowers” (or “Tournesols”), which he created in 1881, magically depicts my favorite flower. If I ever were to start collecting art, a copy of this masterpiece would no doubt be my first acquisition.

When I go online lately I’ve seen all this buzz about the “Sunflowers of Sanborn,” which I have never heard of before. I really need to take a day trip there sooner than later. Summer has gone by way too fast and I know that a journey to view these sunflowers would bring me up before the dreaded winter to come.

No matter where I find sunflowers, they bring a smile to my face as well as many others, I am sure. Neil Diamond was right, “Sunflower, good mornin’, you sure do make it like a sunny day.”

Wendy Schreiner, of Warsaw, brakes when she sees sunflowers on the side of the road.

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