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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Table slammers at Bills' tailgate 'will be ejected and could face criminal charges,' Sheriff's Office says

Sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80s are in the forecast for Sunday, which could make it the warmest Bills home opener since 2002, according to News environment reporter TJ Pignataro.

That means the only cloud hanging over Orchard Park will be regarding tailgating activity. The Bills have taken steps this offseason to try to cut down on the tailgate theatrics that go viral for negative reasons, and the ante was upped Friday when the Erie County Sheriff's Office put this line into a Facebook post: "Table Slamming is not permitted and violators will be ejected and could face criminal charges."

That's a bummer, especially since it coincided with Shawne Merriman's Slam Fest getting canceled. The former Bills and Chargers linebacker was going to put fans through tables before the home opener, but the event got canned.

Table slamming may seem stupid, but a subset of people take enjoyment from it, and they're not really hurting anyone but themselves. Going through folding tables is definitely a thing, and we all know Buffalo loves its things. People have put their babies through pretend tables. Jaguars fans even circulated a fake news story about Jacksonville banning table sales before the Bills-Jags playoff game ... but that wouldn't have mattered because Bills fans brought their own tables to Florida.

Anyway, the Bills and the county want fewer stunts like this. If table slamming is your thing, you'll have to risk ejection or take your tailgate to a privately owned lot.

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