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Letter: Trump must be removed before he does more harm

Every single day that goes by, we see the president getting closer and closer to becoming an ex-president.

The man obviously has a number of mental problems. Nothing pleases him. No person can do their job to his satisfaction.

The name calling and juvenile tweets indicate a very unstable individual who is totally unqualified to lead this country. He cares about himself, his family, his millionaire buddies and all his sickening “friends.” Say a prayer for Robert Mueller and his hard-working team of prosecutors.

I believe that they will find the truth in all matters they are investigating and that truth will rid this country of a very irrational man and all his criminal associates. Open your eyes America! The White House is in serious trouble as is this country unless Washington wakes up soon and does the right thing.

Dump Trump before it is too late.

William J. Belz Jr.


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