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Letter: Malone should ignore calls for him to step down

Bishop Richard Malone has been an outstanding bishop for the Diocese of Buffalo.

In his, Upon This Rock campaign millions of dollars were raised by the parishes, providing financial stability for years to come. Funds are now available for necessary infrastructure replacements of roofing, heating systems, sound systems, focusing on accessibility to those with handicaps and hearing disabilities. In Christ the King Seminary, an entire classroom building has been refurbished and modernized for incoming seminarians of which there are a record number.

Sexual abuse, especially involving a child, must be treated as a crime as well as a sin, and as such, be subject to civil authorities, rather than church authorities whose justice is too often tempered with mercy. Lay people-teachers, doctors, school counselors and coaches are subject to legal action and so should the clergy be. The old system of handling these issues from within the Church has clearly failed.

Malone has secured the future of the Diocese of Buffalo for generations to come.

Please do not step down. Continue your good work.

Barbara Castiglia

West Falls

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