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Letter: Charities’ abandonment shows a lack of humanity

So, let me get this straight: a same-sex couple approaches Catholic Charities of Buffalo about becoming adoptive foster parents and the organization decides to drop out of the whole adoption/foster parent business because this would violate their principles/beliefs that the only proper marriage is between a man and a woman.

And I suppose because this policy (the legality of same-sex adoptions) is now mandated by New York State. So that’s one (

!) same-sex couple, one whole adoption/foster parent system trashed.

In the meantime, the Catholic priest abuse scandal goes on and on with revelation upon revelation of hundreds, if not thousands, of priests being hidden and coddled and shuffled from parish to child-bearing parish without one hint or suggestion that this entire priestly system should in itself be held accountable for the enabling of such unfathomable abuse. Or, Heaven forbid, should be trashed.

And did I mention that the couple’s only “sin,” as far as we know, is that they are a couple? Policies and principles like these make it very hard to be a Catholic these days. And being a Catholic these days makes it very hard to be a decent human being.

John Witkowski


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