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Letter: Media has a role to play in guarding election rules

Now that it appears there may be a serious fight for the 27th congressional district, I would like to suggest that The News, other media, and all political groups exert constant pressure to raise the level of this campaign.

This district was redrawn in recent history to be very Republican, rural and fairly elderly. Its history is one of support for Chris Collins and Donald Trump.

What we do not need is the insult of “God, guns, and low taxes” versus “left-wing liberals with foreign values” as the campaign theme. The media must cover what they see, report the facts, and maintain some neutrality.

However, the media has editorial power and a responsibility to remind people that there is a great tradition in American campaigns of debating issues, ideas and respecting facts all around.

Why not lead the effort to make this an honorable fight, a fight about elevating the voters beyond memes, dog whistles, and codes for our lowest emotions?

Are we not entitled to a contest for real ideas, real solutions, and constructive words?

The media must blame any party or person who debases our politics. Can we at least see the media hold us to a higher standard?

Richard Rockford


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