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Letter: Unnecessary runaround for senior getting passport

Being a senior citizen not needing to renew my regular passport, I thought the idea of applying for an enhanced New York State driver’s license would be an ideal alternative for identification.

I tried to apply at the Department of Motor Vehicles offices, the Tonawanda branch, the Depew branch and the Eastern Hills Mall branch and was turned down by all three.

The documentation I had was proper: social security card, two proofs of New York State residency, being that I was born in Italy while my parents were on vacation.

I had my father’s certificate of naturalization which automatically makes me a citizen.

I also had my honorable discharge papers from the U.S. Navy and my expired U.S. passport to prove that I was a citizen at the time it was issued.

The documents shown were those that were approved many years ago to receive my first passport.

Frustrated by the whole procedure with the state bureau of motor vehicles, and the loss of time involved, I went to the U.S. Post Office with a filled out form for a U.S. passport card, had my picture taken, paid the fees,

sent everything in.

I will have my passport card in four weeks! Voila!


Louis Fetto


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