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Letter: Maritime Charter objection comes from obstructionists

The recent attempt at justification for the lawsuit to prevent Maritime Charter from expanding its campus to Buffum Street was hilarious.

In a wonderfully creative piece of fiction the author justified the suit with everything from the Green Code to the flood plain. We also learned that if Red Jacket were still buried near the site, he might not be happy with the school’s expansion.

This nonsense is yet another feeble attempt to halt the continued growth of the new emerging Buffalo.

This is the kind of negativity that has plagued real development in Buffalo for years.

Countless buildings in the city have been candidates for adaptive re-use. Maritime is planning a school campus here and not a drag strip off Seneca Street. The campus will bring additional business to an area of Buffalo that has seen better days and needs help.

It would seem that the real reason for this outcry has more to do with the student population of the high school than the environmental, historical and traffic concerns.

Gary Rog


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