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Letter: There are many examples showing Trump is no leader

An Aug. 15 letter writer boasts about Trump being a strong leader giving us respect across the world. Where is that respect hiding?

Trump has insulted our close allies, calling them foes (European Union), and a security risk (Canada). It is hard to think who we have as friends much less allies.

Leadership is

kissing Vladimir Putin’s ring by announcing our CIA is wrong about election hacking because friend Putin says “he didn’t do it.” It is

saluting Kim Jong Un’s General No Kwang-chol with a huge smile at their summit. It was not leadership nor patriotic but closer to treason. However, Trump did wear a flag pin.

The letter writer boasts of Trump’s decisive action recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. That action endangers the Middle East by making a peace with Palestine near impossible, a peace that Trump boasted would take a few weeks. That was about 70 weeks ago.

In April 2017, Trump seemingly decided a horrendous chemical attack crossed his red line and sent 59 tomahawk missiles at the airbase originating the chemical strikes. Note that Trump did not respond to the next attack. Or the next. At least a half-dozen attacks have occurred since then. What happened to

red line? Well, it made him

like a leader.

So far, 13 Russian nationals, 12 Russian intelligence officers and three Russian companies have been indicted for hacking or interfering with the 2016 election. About 10 members of Trump’s campaign or administration have pleaded guilty or admitted to lying (or said “oops!) about meeting with Russians. This includes Trump Jr. Why lie?

Believing Trump is a strong leader and that Russian collaboration is ridiculous is what hurts our democracy. Time to rethink what is really happening. Do you still wonder why there is resistance to Trump?

Charles Friedmann


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