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Letter: Sullivan column poses a conundrum for media

Margaret Sullivan elevated Alex Jones from crank to “hatemonger” status in her Aug. 14 column, though to me this looks like a good case of crying wolf.

A young friend one year gave me copies of Jones’ magazine. I found little of interest but a nice article about David Rockefeller’s memoirs. Rocky boasted about things that people get called “conspiracy freaks” for mentioning, most interestingly his gratitude to big name media magnate friends for help in not reporting things. Printing this could have made Jones hateful to some.

The left are touchy about the existence of opposition, reading dire things into their every word as loudly as possible.

In low key ways major media are tightening up on opposition expression, and public opinion generally, while soft pedaling what the left says and does. Meanwhile the tech giants sitting on Jones have opted to keep carrying a long list of demagogues. Conservatives, and others have been removed, while we wait for media to scrutinize themselves.

Dan Hoffman


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