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Letter: Parishioners treated worse than sexual predator priests

I was a Catholic. Baptized, made my communion, and was confirmed. I wanted to be married in the church so badly, I made my confirmation in my 20s. Unfortunately, I was divorced after five years of marriage. I did not want to get an annulment because to me that was saying, “that marriage and that child you gave birth to did not exist.”

When I remarried, I was considered an adulterer in the church and could no longer receive communion. However, when you think about it, aren’t those most in need of communion, the ones that are most “hungry?”

With all that has happened in the Catholic Church, how is it that it is okay for some of these “men of the cloth” able to take advantage of children in the worst possible way; defiled, ruined, affected for life, and yet somehow a divorced person who wants to be accepted by the church cannot be accepted as they are?

As much as it saddens me to say, I no longer desire to be a Catholic.

Too much hypocrisy; told not to sin, lie, hurt others and, yet, the men in charge made this the mantra to protect the most vile of human beings that “lead” their flocks.

Maria Delaney


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