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$61,000 FEMA grant gives boost to Lackawanna Fire Dept.

An $61,000 upgrade in fire training and equipment in Lackawanna will include $40,000 to replace a 22-year-old hose that shrunk from 100 feet to 85, said Ralph Galanti, chief of the Lackawanna Fire Department.

“The older hose is in poor shape and was shortened from its original length due to leaks,” Galanti noted.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant also will purchase a rescue dummy with a weighted vest to more realistically simulate rescue situations for training, Galanti said. "Currently, we use a homemade rescue dummy made out of old 5-inch hose."

Body-lifting devices and deluge guns will increase firefighter safety. New guns that emit a large volume of water will shut down if they tip over. Current guns must be manned, requiring a firefighter to stay in smoky, hot and dangerous conditions in case they tip due to changes in water pressure, Galanti said.

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