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Letter: Voters in the 27th District must not be swayed by pols

Long before Congressman Chris Collins was indicted for his criminal insider trading, he had already disgraced his office and betrayed his constituents by his unquestioning and unwavering defense of President Trump’s indefensible and despicable lies and treasonous behavior.

Now, the Republican Party is in the process of picking a candidate to replace Collins on the ballot. There are numerous contenders for the position, but does it really even matter who the Republicans choose?

The party has already chosen to overlook the ignorance, bigotry, relentless lying, criminality and treasonous behavior of Trump because the economy is doing well. I hope that the voters will not be swayed to vote in another Republican congressman by the rallying cry of “look at the economy!”

German citizens were saying the same thing as unemployment disappeared in Germany in the 1930s while at the same time Hitler was leading the nation down the road to perdition and the world into war.

Richard W. Kirisits


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