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Letter: Trump’s misunderstandings prove upsetting and harmful

Misunderstanding happens! But from President Trump, constantly, tweeting outrageous prattle? Does he misunderstand the oath to “faithfully execute” his office and “… defend the Constitution …”? Astonishingly, he’s beguiled by a malevolent dictator who attacked our democracy. Disregarding national security, he has “purged” the FBI and revoked clearances from former CIA officials, whose honor is indisputable.

By intrusion into an ongoing investigation, many question Trump’s own loyalty and betrayal. Placing party before country, spineless Republicans, including their leadership, blind eye their president’s behavior. Perhaps I misunderstand patriotism!

Yet even in our divided nation, who could have misunderstood Trump’s persistent lying about President Barack Obama’s citizenship and not seen its appeal to racism? How does someone like this inspire anyone? And where is the religious right? Trump has bragged about groping and defiling women. Do you misunderstand the word sinner?

Many of us remember the 1939 tragedy of the “St. Louis” Jewish refugees escaping Nazi Germany, half of whom died in the Holocaust. Allowed no asylum or visas, they were forced to return. Do I misunderstand or have we just witnessed something similar?

With rank cruelty, Trump has ripped thousands of families apart for similarly attempting to seek asylum. Now, clueless, he is unable to reunite them. Poet Emma Lazarus, herself Jewess, whose inscription on Lady Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …” is, somewhere, in tears.

Pathologically narcissistic and grossly incompetent, he debases his office. Overseeing America’s decline, his disregard for laws and cherished freedoms is frightful.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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