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Letter: Trump disrespected a true American hero

A true American hero has passed and left a huge hole to fill. As a Vietnam-era vet, I feel even more saddened by the death of Sen. John McCain. He showed extreme courage and moral integrity when he refused to leave the “Hanoi Hilton” until all of his fellow POWs were released. McCain was the rare character whose moral example is the perfect lesson for our youth.

In such sharp contrast, almost the antithesis of McCain, is the man who lives in the White House. He dodged the draft with five deferments claiming heel spurs! How Trump could insult not only the person of McCain but his sacrifice of risking his life and being captured by the enemy, saying “I like soldiers who don’t get captured” is beyond me. And I have a message for “Veterans for Trump” – maybe you should consider the way that your faux hero disparaged a true American hero who sacrificed everything for his country. Maybe he’s the one you should have supported!

John W. Kowalski


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