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Letter: State should not legalize recreational marijuana

It’s appalling to me that the state of New York is even considering following the example of probably the most ultra liberal state in America, Colorado, legalizing recreational marijuana.

The state and federal government are spending millions to stop the opioid epidemic, yet overdose deaths keep climbing. You can appoint any panel to come up with any conclusion you want. Marijuana is harmless; it’s no worse than alcohol; it’s a money maker, etc. Don’t they realize that other than addiction from prescriptive drugs, studies show the overwhelming percentage of opioid addiction started with the use of pot? That opened the door!

On one hand the government is trying to stop this crisis and on the other hand it is feeding it in order to get more money. What message does this give to our children, and how many hit-and-run deaths will there be? Those are rising, too.

Don’t make us a state of potheads.

Richard D. Grisanti


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