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Letter: Police fail in their duty to ticket high-beam drivers

It seems that many cars nowadays are equipped with a switch that dims one headlight at night and makes the other headlight bright enough to be seen from space. Or worse, a switch that turns off both headlights at night. I’ve seen lots of cars at night with this “condition.”

Try being ahead of a driver with one or both headlights in high beam. You dare not look in the rearview mirror or you risk being blinded. And you better not look at the sideview mirror, either.

The solution, I have found, is to crouch so that you can’t see the rearview mirror or use your hands to block the side mirror image of the high-beam car behind you.

Why are cars equipped with high-beam headlights anyway? Isn’t driving with high-beam headlights illegal when the road conditions aren’t conducive for this? Why aren’t police ticketing these drivers?

Phil Fanone

West Seneca

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