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Letter: Malone’s resignation is not the solution

I find ironic calls for the resignation of Bishop Richard J. Malone by politicians when evidence of political corruption is published almost daily. I do not suggest that those accusing the bishop in recent days are guilty of any wrongdoing, but before they accuse someone who lives across the street, maybe they should do something about those they stand next to in political circles of the city, county, Albany or Washington.

The Bible tells us that when the adulteress was caught in the act, the locals wanted to stone her, but Christ knelt and wrote in the sand the sins of the accusers and told them that he who is without sin be the one to cast the first stone and then they all disappeared.

I am not suggesting that the lustful behavior of some priests should be ignored. Absolutely not. But deciding the guilt of the accused in these cases is not automatic simply because an accusation is made.

Jury verdicts are often wrong. DNA evidence has absolved many after the system convicted them. Many on death row have been let free because of newly discovered evidence. I have no idea what the evidence is or has been in all the cases here and I doubt if the politicians are privy to the facts.

Malone arrived here long after a significant number of the condemned activity occurred. He has offered his mea culpa. His resignation is not the answer.

Donald Swanz


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