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Letter: Insulting decision leads to doubt about Charities

I am 80 years old, a retired teacher and a practicing Catholic. I am both saddened and appalled by Bishop Richard J. Malone’s decision to end the foster care and adoption program of Catholic Charities.

I do know from personal experience that gay and lesbian couples are loving, caring, responsible parents. I would, however, agree that as in all groups there are exceptions. e.g., abusive clergy, parents, teachers, etc.

My cousin who recently passed has three sons, one of whom is gay. He is 62 and has been in a committed relationship for 36 years. Thirty-three years ago they adopted a 3-year-old girl who was autistic and mentally challenged. Diligent research led them to a specialized school focused on children with special needs.

Throughout her education they remained involved by volunteering. Nightly homework was family time. Mary (fictitious name) graduated earning a non-traditional diploma. It was a proud day!

Knowing that college was not an option, they decided on a vocational training program, hired a life coach and continued their journey which has culminated in Mary’s independence.

She lives in her own apartment, attached to her parents’ home. Not being able to drive, Mary is confident using buses to travel in Los Angeles and Pasadena. She has a full-time job at a local supermarket where she has been a loyal and respected employee for 13 years. Mary manages her own finances, maintains her apartment, attends church and leads a life that would not have been possible without the guidance and love of a gay couple.

The church has failed children in so many ways. We need to ask ourselves what does Upon This Rock truly mean? St. Peter was the biblical rock but in today’s world

are the rock.

Does Catholic charity translate to universal charity? Obviously, not!

May Jowdy

Niagara Falls

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