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Letter: Church must regain trust among parishioners, public

A shroud of sorrow, disbelief and sadness has cast a dark shadow over the Catholic community. Raw, shared emotions among Christians of every persuasion are loudly evident. Feelings of frustration, anger and shock are palpable. Clergy faithful to their calling feel betrayed.

There are thousands of committed men and women throughout the world who live their vocations and serve the faithful in a manner that is consistent with their sacred, spoken vows. To these trusted servants the latest reports are especially devastating. Through no fault of their own, they find themselves embarrassed by association; their lives and work marginalized. The Catholic laity is stunned by the difficult truths contained in recent reports.

The situation in Pennsylvania, especially, has rocked people around the world who share a sense of decency and justice. Over many years, in attempting to protect the church, many of the Catholic hierarchy chose to shield the responsible parties. But protecting the guilty has achieved just the opposite; the church is suffering greatly.

Sadly, in the coming days, there will be more accusations of abuse, but at some point certainly there will be a full accounting. As we venture into the future, I trust that the church will strive vigorously to reanimate its commission to faithfully serve Christ and his flock.

Nicholas D. Mecca


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