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Letter: Church must face difficult challenges

The crisis facing our Catholic Church is real. It cuts us to the core. Recently our pastor’s message to our congregation resonated in my mind.

He acknowledged that some members of the clergy

guilty of horrendous acts against those whom they should have cared for the most. He suggested that there have been some bishops who were remiss in their obligations to protect people. He reminded us that abusive acts have been perpetrated in all strands of society for decades. He shared his emotional reaction as one of rage and disgust. But he also cautioned us that there are forces of evil in the world, which can, if we let them, divide and ravage us.

I am convinced that if we walk away from our Catholic beliefs, refuse the mission of Christ in the world, let ourselves be focused on the past instead of on envisioning a new future church, then evil has triumphed.

I am saddened and outraged by members of the clergy who have neglected their responsibility to those they were supposed to serve and respect.

But I am equally uplifted by the many more clergy that I have known in the past and those that I know now, men of impeccable character, integrity, compassion, goodness. I watch them daily be true to their vocations, giving tirelessly of their time and talents. This is the triumph of good over evil. Our response to remain true to our Catholic Church is a part of that triumph as well.

Camille Boczar


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