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Letter: Church must come to terms with allowing priest abuse

I am ashamed and angry with my church. These pedophiles hide in the shadows of our seminaries, schools and churches. Once discovered of, as the church calls it, “inappropriate contact,“ they are removed and sent away under the guise of “taking a sick leave,” for the so-called cure, and after a few months return to re-enter another parish and yes, sometimes a school! It’s unconscionable!

They must be held accountable and punished, even if it means being arrested and prosecuted for their crimes against innocent victims.

I have been told to pray and, believe me, I do believe in the power of prayer. But stop for a moment and think of the prayers the victims said asking the abuse to stop. Imagine the despair!

I will not leave this church I have loved for many years, because I

the church and hopefully will live my life according to God’s will.

The bible states, “… and Jesus wept!” Imagine the tears he has shed lately!

Patricia A. Berger

Clarence Center

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