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Letter: Catholic Charities made a bad decision

The News’ shallow editorial about Catholic Charities’ decision to cease adoptions and foster-care placements so it wouldn’t be forced to place children in LGBT households misses the major point.

Catholic Charities wishes to discriminate against a portion of the Western New York population. Rather than tut-tutting about “issues it sees as fundamental to its faith” and patting it on the head for how it has “handled this matter in a way that it sees as consistent with its beliefs,” the editorial should call Catholic Charities’ moral leadership into question for its rampant discrimination.

Executive Director Dennis C. Walczyk, Bishop Richard J. Malone and a board of 19 community leaders are judging me on my moral standing to food, clothe and shelter a child. I would be eager to see how an Erie County grand jury would judge the Buffalo Diocese’s moral actions.

Richard T. Reinhard

Washington D.C.

Former executive director

Buffalo Place

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