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Letter: Blaming players, liberals does not solve today’s issues

Yikes. An angry Aug. 23 letter from an angry man who uses quotation marks to demean “crybabies” – football players who take a knee – misunderstands what he believes to be ignorance on the part of the players.

Just because you don’t agree with someone who is exercising his constitutional right to express his opinions and aren’t using hate speech doesn’t mean that they can’t do what you feel is morally wrong. I understand the strong feelings you have about patriotism, but patriotism can be attention brought to vulnerable members of our society that might make others of us consider more deeply how those people feel.

I think it’s reprehensible to drown out the voices of speakers at universities whose thoughts aren’t in step with the students’ beliefs.

As long as they are not spreading hateful speech, I think that the students should listen carefully and respectfully to the speakers and consider how deep is the chasm that separates the two ideologies and how to combat the spread of the speakers’ misguided themes.

Accepting that the Constitution is the gift that it is and then depriving others of the use of that gift because it offends one’s sensibilities is


On another front, apparently, we liberals are responsible for the rising homicide rate all over America. We promote policies which nurture violence, and Donald Trump could fix it in a heartbeat if he came to town. Any town. He’d wave his magic wand and all gangs, drug dealers, impoverishment and stingy budgeting for law enforcement personnel and equipment would disappear. I had no idea we had such control over the forces of absentee fathers, the lure of big money from drug-dealing, and the cycle of poverty in our cities. But in both of these letters the theme is blame.

Becky Arcese


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