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Letter: Adoption verdict is ironic under the circumstances

The CEO of Catholic Charities, no doubt with the approval of the bishop, said that rather than comply with a law that says his agency cannot discriminate against gay people, Catholic Charities will no longer support foster care or adoption. With respect to his own attitude toward gay people, Pope Francis said, “Who am I to judge?” Our bishop apparently has no such reservation about his ability to judge gay people.

Is the irony and utter tone-deafness of this lost on our bishop? He and many like him were unable to judge the child molesting, sexual assault and rape reported to them, and moved the perpetrator priests around like chess pieces. They entrusted children not to loving same-sex parents but to the perverts within their own ranks again and again.

The many holy and decent priests I know must be as anguished over this conduct as I am. We cannot abide this mindless compounding of un-Christlike conduct by our own bishop.

It is time to remember that perpetrator priests and gay bashers are not the Catholic Church. This bishop and bishops like him are not the Catholic Church. Catholics as a whole are the Catholic Church.

As Catholics we believe the Holy Spirit inspires our church. It is time to be the instruments of that inspiration.

The time has come for bishops, priests and the laity, led by the laity if necessary, to stand up and say, “no more.” No more shuffling of pervert priests and no more labeling loving gay parents, perverts.

Anthony M. Nosek


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