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Spy camera captures neighbor helping himself to alcohol

Advice to aspiring thieves: If you see a surveillance camera, maybe don't commit the crime.

Sadly, this advice comes too late for a suspected beer and wine thief in a Niagara Falls apartment complex.

According to police, the man unplugged a surveillance camera before emptying out a refrigerator in the basement of a 62nd Street apartment complex last weekend.

Previously, the camera had caught the suspect stealing about $10 worth of beer belonging to an upstairs neighbor in the complex, police said. Saturday. This time, when the man appeared before the camera again, he carefully unplugged it. He can be seen plugging it back in moments later, while carrying a full bag of what the neighbor said was two, 30-packs of beer and six bottles of wine and mead.

In all, about $200 worth of alcohol was stolen in the two incidents, police said. Officers attempted to interview the suspect, who was not available at the time. The victim was advised of the process for seeking an arrest warrant in the case.

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