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Letter: Trump fans do not allow for reasonable thinking

I recently heard on the Donald Trump fan club media their whiny laments about how people hate The Donald and are trying to “delegitimize” his rule.

They wonder why people would feel so strongly. Let’s see, could there be reasons why? This is a man who has singularly alienated our most important allies around the world and is best buddies with the murderous thug in Russia.

Here also is a man who has made the world more dangerous by leaving the Iran deal. He is a man who is gutting protection of the environment, nationally and globally, and could care less (who needs the woods anyway?).

To say nothing of his growing efforts to steal health care away from millions of Americans who need it the most with no suitable alternative. This is a man who lies seven times daily and takes personal delight in inciting hatred and a growing inclination towards violence to groups with his vile, name-calling and divisive words at his regular pep rallies with his adoring, forgiving fans. Here is a president who believes women are mere playthings at his disposal and has defiled the intuition of marriage.

This is a man who intentionally puts children in cages and believes Trump University is a good role model to educate our children. A true charlatan who has hoodwinked his blind followers into believing we are approaching a nuclear-free North Korea. Hate the guy? You betcha.

George McNally


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