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Letter: GOP has taken advantage of working folks long enough

If you are past, at or near retirement age, and are not so independently wealthy you don’t have to worry about receiving any kind of government assistance to augment your income, for the life of me, I have no earthly idea why you would identify as a Republican.

The people who run your party think you are a freeloader, and a detrimental encumbrance on the United States economy. The only piece of meaningful legislation this administration has passed in all the time since assuming office is the massive tax cut,(i.e., tax dollar giveaway), enriching the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans who, sadly, are the ones who need it the least.

Obviously, the money given away has to be made up and accounted for somewhere, so that’s where we come in. The sweet aroma of the money we and our employers have been paying into a separate retirement account our entire working career is simply too enticing to ignore.

So, if you think you couldn’t use a little more every month so you could actually enjoy your retirement a few days a month, by all means, keep sending the folks who have been picking your pockets since they first entered the Beltway, back to the gypsy camp called Washington.

If, on the other hand, you’ve finally had enough of being fleeced by those to whom you’ve given your blind trust to do what’s right for all the working stiffs like you who have gone to work every day and paid your taxes, show them the one weapon you have that sends chills of fear up and down their spines, your vote.

In November let them see you still have a voice and the will to right an appalling wrong. Show them it’s time to get a real job, like we all did willingly for our families and our country. Peace.

Paul Taylor


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