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Letter: Cuomo’s faux pas spoke more to his true beliefs

The Aug. 17 News editorial seeks to dismiss the latest statement by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that “America was never that great.” It does so by partially talking about the “totality” and “context” of his full remarks. Although the editorials’ evaluation of the statements and conclusion of their relevance are reasonable, they don’t allow for those who view them differently using the same criteria.

Cuomo delivered further statements after the offensive one that attempted to explain why it was true. The “totality” of the remarks can be viewed that those further statements reinforce, not mollify, his “never that great” insult of his own country.

That’s what further explanatory remarks on the same subject usually do.

Additionally, “context” could inform that his statement was not a simple faux pas or mistake, but an unintentional window into the psyche and mentality of those who believe their own country is lacking moral decency. Context could also show further evidence that those like the governor who are trying to assume the mantle of leadership as the next progressive presidential candidate are tripping over each other to say the most outrageous things about their nation.

The editorials’ evaluation of the remarks was defendable. Millions of us can evaluate them differently. We can believe he said what he meant and meant what he said.

Gary M. Brignone


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