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Double dip: Meal and dessert at Clarence Pizza Company, Big Sings Ice Cream

For years we have yearned for a way to work off Cheap Eats calories simultaneously as we eat. We think we found an experience that comes pretty close.

The Clarence Pizza Company sits just off the Clarence bike path where it crosses Goodrich Road, for an easy pedaling stop. (Of course you can drive there, too.)

The menu includes standard pizzeria fare and more. Regular and barbecue wings come single (10 for $10.99) to bucket (50 for $36.99); boneless wings are $8.99 (7-8) to $27.99 (28-32); fingers $10.99 (5) to $36.99 (20 piece). Barbecue pit adds a couple of bucks to each version.

Pizza starts at $2.15/slice to $26.99 for a cheese sheet. CPC serves 16 signature pizzas ($15.59-$38.78), from steak and chicken or a hot Hawaiian with jalapenos to a Sinatra with pepperoni or chicken, olive oil, crushed garlic, Romano, mozzarella and a “swirl of red sauce.”

For those who like to pick, appetizers include the likes of four-cheese stuffed hot peppers ($9.99), spinach artichoke dip ($7.99) and a sampler of fried veggies, mozzarella sticks and onion rings ($9.99).

Calzones ($11.99), half and whole subs ($4.69-$9.99), sandwiches ($5.69-$9.99), tacos ($5.99-$7.49), and wraps ($6.99-$7.99) are available. Soup with garlic toast ($5.29) or with salad and toast ($7.29) would make a meal.

Salads start at $3.99 to $11.99 for a large julienne, antipasto or taco. Italian specialties like spaghetti and meatballs ($12.99-$13.99) include salad and garlic bread. Daily specials on our stop included a Buffalo chicken sandwich; ham and Swiss on rye and an open faced turkey and gravy sandwich, all $8.99.

Other specials include two slices and a can soda for $5.79; Monday $1 off whole subs (ham, salami, turkey); Tuesday $1 off wings (excludes single order); Wednesday pizza night, $2 off a cheese pizza with one topping, $1 small cheese, one topping.

Since it was Wednesday pizza night, we decided on a large cheese pepperoni ($16.98) with $2 off, then added a double order of wings ($18.99). Our darling waitress said the Everyday Combo Pack ($32.65) was cheaper. Good call.

Worker Olivia Gradl tries to keep up with the lunch orders back in the kitchen at the Clarence Pizza Company. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

We added a chef salad ($3.99), a soft shell beef taco ($6.99) and half royal sub ($5.69). The chef salad was a nice surprise with spring mix and iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, garbanzos, green peppers, celery and croutons.

The pizza was different, but not in a bad way. The crust, not overly thick or thin, was in between and crispy. The sauce, sweeter than we are used to, was flavorful. The pie was loaded with cheese and had the good cup pepperoni.

Wings were big, meaty and drier (not overly saucy), but good.

The royal was substantial, with a nicely toasted bun and plenty of Italian sausage, capicola and melted cheese. The large taco had ample fillings of meat, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. It came with tortilla chips and a side of salsa.

Friends Morgan Wertheim, left, and Kristina Campione eat ice cream on the patio at Big Sings Ice Cream. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Clarence Pizza Company’s location to the bike trail, tasty fare and super clean dining area make it a winning Cheap Eats, but Big Sings Ice Cream next door takes it to the next level.

A Big Sing, 9.5 swirls of custard in a waffle cone topped with a cherry ($4.59), would have been too much, so we went with traditional baby cones ($1.99) and a small hot fudge sundae ($3.49) made with ultra creamy custard and delicious fudge that was in fact hot, not lukewarm. A plus.

Sno Balls ($2.39-$4.49) another specialty, come in a million flavors and were tempting. However, at our age, we'd rather enjoy all the free blue and red kids’ smiles before we biked off into the sunset.


Clarence Pizza Company

6235 Goodrich Road, Clarence Center (741-2888)

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Parking: Large lot. Bike rack.

Wheelchair-accessible: Yes

Dietary: Gluten-free pizza crust available for small size.

Clarence Pizza Company at 6235 Goodrich Road, Clarence Center. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Big Sings Ice Cream

6251 Goodrich Road, Clarence Center (406-2948)

Hours: Opens at noon daily. Closes at 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Prices: $1.99 baby cone to $5.29 avalanche.

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