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Letter: Cuomo has it wrong about this great nation

“We are not going to ‘Make America Great Again,’ it was never that great...”

These were the words of Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking at a bill signing in New York City recently.

When I first heard these words on my TV, my mind immediately went to all the veterans, living and deceased, who served in all the branches of the service in this great country.

These are the men and women who live and die protecting our great country. I also thought of all the veterans who struggled and are struggling with rehab, losing a limb or limbs, mobility and independence – all for our great country.

I thought of all the families who give their support, love and encouragement to their loved ones. They are proud of them and want always to be at their side. Veterans have experienced the ultimate sacrifice of giving their life for our great country.

Recently seeing the remains of soldiers being brought back to United States soil and twO brothers receiving their dad’s dog tags, creates an ache in your heart. The veterans are truly the heroes. They deserve our respect and gratitude.

Being a wife of a military man, who served 32 years, is an honor.

Obviously, Cuomo was never in the military, and is only interested in serving himself and his ambitions.

Perhaps when Cuomo goes out campaigning this year for his re-election and speaks to veterans for their support, let the veterans look him in the eye and say, “America is great, it has always been great.”

Sheila M. LoVullo


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